Laid-Back Japanese Podcast

Learn Japanese without feeling like you’re in a classroom.

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Natural, everyday Japanese

Listen in on fun chats and true stories about living life “in Japanese” with Chie, Niko, and other guests.

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words: English with Japanese sprinkles.
words: Japanese-only on the same topic

Made by popular demand

The Japanese learning community at NativShark kept asking for more material they could study casually, outside of their core daily study activities.

So we decided to create the podcast Niko had always dreamed of — relaxed conversations in English about Japanese language and culture packed with valuable, usable information. But free of tedious drills, vocab lists, and grammar sections.

If you watch the podcast on YouTube, you'll see that we also tend to get carried away sharing pictures of specific products, places, and so on that we just had to mention^^

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What Laid-Back Japanese Is All About

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Context is key

Japanese is a highly contextual language. By listening in on stories related to Japanese, it is more likely to stick and be recalled later.

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Challenge Mode

Every LBJP episode is accompanied by a Not-So-Laid-Back Japanese one where the same topic is explored in a shorter, all Japanese episode.

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This is not a lesson. This is not a hard-core learning material. We provide a casual space for learners to kick back and have fun for a while.

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